Deidre Seigel

Living in a small Australian country town all my life has allowed me to be well known as an artist by the locals, and I have taken part in art commissions and various other art all my life. Even as a young child my teacher would request me to stay in class during recess to help her with her posters for her sporting team, or a fund-raising fashion parade. Being an artist is in my blood and I look at everything in life with an artist's eye.
I have dealt with many mediums and dabbled in oil painting. I find that acrylic is more my style as I appreciate it's fast drying allowing me to accomplish more in one sitting.
Painting took a back seat whilst raising a young family as small children do not allow you the time or patience needed to paint. Now that I have once again found the time to paint I have fallen back in love with it.
Painting is an escape from everything... painting takes you away, and it's always so rewarding to watch pieces come to life. I am my own worst critic, and want to do artwork that people enjoy, but I know that art is subjective and paintings can evoke different responses in different people. That is why owning artwork is so expressive, as it demonstrates what appeals to you, and that allows others know more about you. Paintings are statement pieces and conversation starters. I love that.