Sean Williams' Photography

Sean Williams' Photography

Thanks for stopping by my gallery.

I have been into photography for years. I took a photography class in college to fill up my schedule one semester and I have had the bug ever since. In addition to still life and nature photography, I have done my share of weddings, family sittings, children, sports, and school photography. Trying to frame and compose an image before the shutter is closed is half of the fun of capturing the image.

I work full time in a hospital environment and this is my way to forget about the day to day grind. To be able to leave the stress of the daily world to relax in the quiet of nature, or to be able to compose a shot with one or more subjects is a great way to relieve stress. There is still some pressure when behind the lens, but it is a totally different type of stress. I also love the creative processes available in post. Whether it is just converting to monochrome or going all the way through the process of creating digital artwork for customers that includes collages, t-shirt artwork or photobooks, the creative options are endless.

I hope you enjoy browsing my artwork as much as I like creating the images.


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