Sean Haynes

Sean Haynes

Sean Haynes is a native of New Orleans, Louisiana: born 1970. He is a graduate of Southern University at New Orleans where he studied under Ron Bechet, a Yale graduate and where he received his B. A. in Fine Art. Sean has formal training in sculpture, drawing, painting, ceramics, printmaking and even glass casting. Mr. Haynes currently resides in Union City near Atlanta, GA where he has lived since 2006. He’s a teacher of visual art in the Fulton County school system.

Mr. Haynes has been in several group shows and public art projects and private auctions. In New Orleans, he's shown at Stella Jones Gallery, Barrister's Gallery, Southern University at New Orleans’ Gallery, Orleans Parish School Board, Dollars for Scholars, the African American Museum, Zoo auction, African American Art exhibition in Louisville Kentucky, South West Art Center in Georgia, and countless others. His several public works include Restoring the Oaks (painted column under the Claiborne Bridge) Project, banners for Tambourine and Fan, public schools and universities, and other non-profit organizations.

Mr. Haynes has developed several styles. These styles are full of color and shape as representatives for the human spirit accented through positive and negative spaces. Mr. Haynes believes that an artist is a lifelong learner and teaching is reciprocity: a spiritual “Sankofa” as he remembers not to forget to remember. His love for art lives in and through his artwork.

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