Frank's Gallery

Frank Richard is a native of New Orleans. He moved to California in 1969 when he entered the US Navy. Mr. Richard is a self-taught artist and painting was his initial artistic medium. When Mr. Richard decided to enhance his techniques and use of light, he began studying and creating three dimensional sculptures. Mr. Richard modeled his sculptures in clay and then cast them from molten bronze meticulously adding patina to his works of art. After 10 years or working with clay and bronze, Mr. Richard transitioned to working with paper.
The Eckman Method® includes working with museum quality handmade Eckman paper and bonding agents, using “Starter Casts™” and freehand sculpting from paper pulp. Doing so allows the artist to alter and transform the casts into finished works of art. This is accomplished by applying special techniques such as forms, templates, paper casts and freehand sculpting with various handmade paper products and tools.  These archival paper sculptures are amazingly strong and long lasting.  It is estimated they will last almost as long as a well-cast bronze piece.