Sea Change Vibes

Sea Change Vibes

I chose the name Sea Change Vibes because I love the ever-changing mood, colors, and tides of the sea. Ocean, lakes, and ponds have a deep influence on my work but I also love people, flowers, bridges, architecture, and about anything. Taking photos and experimenting with processing energizes and reconnects me to what's important in life.

Imagery can express so many emotions and thoughts across borders and languages. My love of photography helps me see the world in a different light, such as waiting for that moment when a duck stretches her wing or a musician stands on one foot. I wind up paying more attention to people and nature and other aspects of the world that are easily missed in our busy society.

I love capturing that perfect photo but I also enjoy digitally experimenting with photos, such as painterly styles, that can sometimes enhance the expression of the scene. I currently sell photographs and digital images on print-on-demand and stock photo sites.

I also love working with words and music. When I'm not carrying a camera, I'm writing music, novels, or technical content.

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