Scott Gregory Banner

Scott Gregory Banner

I was born and raised in Sydney, Australia, where I am based.

I have been a professional photographer for eighteen years.

I have studied the medium of black and white photography in depth.

Black and white photographs are significant for two reasons. First, due to the absence of colour, the tonal range in a black and white photograph provides depth that can realise ‘more’ to an image. An example of this is the role that shadow plays in an image by 'creating' what appears to be a third dimension. Second, because black and white represents the period before colour imagery, black and white photographs provide in the minds of many viewers direct visual links to times past. It is these aesthetic and timeless qualities in black and white photographs that I love to capture.

I have traveled extensively during the last thirty years, which has been important for achieving a deeper understanding of the world’s physical landscape, cultures, and people. Black and white photography has been central in this exploration.

I shoot using Leica due to the camera’s uncomplicated settings and its optical quality. I use a standard lens approximating what I see with naturally, which has two benefits. First, it removes the need to make decisions concerning focal length, thereby reducing the variables that I need to consider when contemplating taking a picture. Second, it forces me to move in space to capture a scene, thereby giving me greater understanding of that space.

Scott Gregory Banner.