New to the Art Scene. What you will see here is a progression of art over the last 6 months. In the beginning phases of identifying who I am as an artist. I am finding a lot of local success and would like to expand and grow my reach. I have naturally gravitated towards an Expressionist Style. Nothing is more gratifying than seeing someone identify with one of my paintings. This is why I paint. I want to reach others in ways that no one else can. I want people to see themselves in that vulnerable moment that no one else understands. My future will hopefully be filled with the opportunity to reach and touch people around the world.

I have over 25 pieces out in the last 6 months. Sold over 5 to locals. Just finished up an art show in September with 2 other local artist where we through paint at one of my pieces.

Most of my paintings are larger paintings and I do take custom orders. I have some commercial paintings that I can recreate in any color to suit your living space. Message me anything you would like to know about me or my art I would love to help in anyway.

That said most of the paintings you see here will be one of a kinds.

2016 - First works of Art (6months)