Images of Nature Artwork by Mangelsen

In what seems to be a diorama of the awe-inspiring Alaskan landscape, the drama of changing dwarf birch foliage is emphasized by the sun settling onto the horizon and touching the Alaska Range beyond. One of Denali National Park's best known mammals, the bull moose, keeps a steady eye on his mating group of females, known as a 'harem', as they move down the valley to wait out the night. From the west, the first snow squall of autumn dusts the highest peaks. Soon all of Denali will be blanketed in winter-whiteness. Edition of 1500.
Manglesen Secondary Market for Out of Print art values this print at $7,095.00

Thomas D. Mangelsen's images capture the vibrant colors and subtle hues found in our natural world. We strive to present your image as clearly as possible. We use NatureView glass manufactured by TruVue to keep reflection from posing a problem in viewing your images. NatureView glass appears invisible and helps reduce reflected light.