Scott McAllister

Scott McAllister

My background:
I started in photography in the late 1980's in Pennsylvania, mainly just shooting sunsets that my family and friends never seemed to notice and soon found myself hooked on photography. I noticed the sunsets because I was a weather forecaster in my younger days, always checking the sky.
I started with some mid level Nikon gear and shooting slides. Some of my slides have been scanned, But most of my posted images are from 2004 or later, when I started digital.
My first exposure to Sedona, AZ was in 1989 and I immediately fell in love with the place... a landscape photographers dream. I didn’t want to leave Sedona at the end of that vacation but family and work considerations made me postpone moving there until the summer of 2003.
We were in Sedona for most of 6 years, hiking all over the place. I tried to get unique views, most of them taken from vantage points and of rock formations not usually seen in other peoples work.
We have retired and moved back to PA. I'm still working my way through the photos from Sedona and will also be posting more from eastern Pennsylvania now that we are back.
I hope you will enjoy looking at my photos as much as I've enjoyed taken them.

PS I have expanded my websites to hopefully get more exposure to my images. I also have photos at:

PPS Most of my photos have a two part number system. The first two numbers are the year and the last three the sequential photo number. Bernharts Dam fog 89-001 would be 1989 and the first photo taken that day. Boynton canyon 04-343 is 2004, my third hike in Boynton that year and the 43 photo taken on that day. I rarely take more tan 100 photos on any given day. All numbers prior to 04 or 2004 are from slides.

Bear mountain & Fay canyon

Schnebly Hill

Boynton Canyon


Nuns, Twin buttes, Chicken point

Cathedral rock

Western USA


Various Pennsylvania

Rickett's Glen