Shadley Stephens Artwork & Graffix

Shadley Stephens Artwork & Graffix

"Quick Affordable Quality Custom Graffix"

My name is Shadley Stephens, and I am an experienced Illustrator & Graphic Designer. I have been doing Graphic Design for about 10 years now, starting as just a hobby, and eventually starting my own Graphic Design business, SCM Graffix, as well as freelancing remotely from home. I'm self-taught, and quite familiar with Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop CC. I take pride in the fact that I refuse to stop revising or remaking your design, until you get a finished product that you’re completely happy with.

My specialties include: Logo Design, Apparel Design, Business Logos, Business Cards, Letterheads, Event & Show Flyer Design, Album Cover Design, Banner Design, Illustration, Custom Personalized Art & Design, Storybook Illustration, Tattoo Design, etc..

--Shadley Stephens, SCM Graffix

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Shadley Stephens Artwork