Sciadi Razi

Sciadi Razi

Sciadi Razi was born in Italy to Persian parents and raised in a small mountain village where, from childhood, she was surrounded by beauty.

At the age of 13, Sciadi moved to Florence where she came into contact with a more engaging and grander reality than that of her childhood in the countryside. Here, she discovered her passion for art, especially for painting. This passion brought her to choose an artistic education, cumulating in her graduation with 108/110 at the Accademia Di Belle Arti of Florence.

After graduating she travelled to India where she attained an artistic awareness still very much with her today. Coming into contact with perfumes, colours and the rugged features of the people, she decided to impress on canvas faces marked by different life stories.

Following her return to Italy she dedicated herself to painting, taking part in local art shows in Florence and winning one for her painting "Elephant".

In her art, mostly in black and white, Sciadi Razi puts a few bright colours to highlight the life features of the paintings. Currently she has moved back to her place of birth, the small mountain village, to focus on her art.