Scalz Nature Art

Scalz Nature Art

Sam "Scalz" Garcia is a San Diego based wildlife artist and graphic illustrator with a dynamic style. He is well-known internationally for his fish and herpetological (reptile and amphibian) art. He dabbles in other subjects as well including birds, invertebrates, exotic flora and wild mammals.

While many of the paintings and drawings he does are more illustrative, being a naturalist and aquarist, Sam has firsthand experience with many of his subjects, giving a convincing life to the artwork. When he completes a fine art piece, he often adds an abstract element to the image.

The most important aspect of Garcia's work is the opportunity for him to convey a specific specie's need to the viewers. He is a passionate conservationist and often has more esoteric themes to his work. Many of the species he depicts are not well known to the general public and are often unique in the realm of art.

Sam is currently writing and illustrating several books about fish. His passion for nature carries well beyond his creative renderings as he learns the natural history of all of his subjects and focuses on the preservation of their populations and conservation of their habitats.