Stephen Brewer Fine Art

Stephen Brewer Fine Art

Artist's Statement
I grew up on the same point of land where Winslow Homer painted his perfect seascapes, and he, along with Church, Monet, and Wyeth, has strongly influenced my development from representational to abstract art forms. Taking inspiration from real-world landscapes, I attempt to recall the energy present in the tones and hues of the original scene by applying paint liberally with the palette knife. The goal is to build up interacting layers of color; the crucial factor for success is creating just the right color palette for the piece.

Staying away from representational painting techniques lets each work take its own direction. I try to feel which way the piece "wants to go" and let it become a self-contained vision growing naturally from its original inspiration. As with any abstract, one of the hardest decisions is knowing when to stop. I try to leave enough "creative breathing room" in the final image for each viewer to see many things in its layers and textures. My goal is to reward the imagination of the audience and satisfy each viewer in ways that more controlled executions cannot.

For me, the highest realization of artistic potential comes from a visceral place that has been refined by years of painting on my own. Observation, transformation, and presentation are universal processes that each of us taps into when we invite art to emerge from a blank canvas. I hope these images touch a chord within everyone who sees them.

-Steve Brewer, Portland, ME


Oil Paintings

Large acrylic paintings