Steve Boksenbaum lives and works in his hometown Pittsburgh making paintings, prints and drawings with traditional materials and contemporary subjects. From realist tableaux with a modernist approach to hand carved stamps mixed with a variety of media, he merges an abstract sensibility with a realist mind.
Boksenbaum earned Bachelor and Master degrees in Fine Arts from Temple University (Tyler School of Art) with a major in printmaking, with additional certificates from Brighton University in England and Carlow University in Pittsburgh. He has exhibited work in the US and abroad, and his work is in collections internationally.
His oil paintings are in the modern art tradition with traditional media. The stampworks are designed with hand cut stamps by the artist, applied to paper or canvas with a variety of media. In the 21st century this expresses a rebellion against electronic media and other post-modern platforms, literally against the machine. Or just a reluctance to work with all them new-fangled gadgets.



Stamp pieces