SB Jones Photography

SB Jones Photography

To find a peaceful spot, a beautiful scene with barns covered in the falling snow, a vibrant butterfly landing on bright pink azalea or even a beach scene that invokes memories of family and friends....this is the goal. To rekindle times past and inspire visions for times to come.
Originally from Hampton, Virginia, I have made the Piedmont Triad my home for over 25 years. While inspired by the colors and natural beauty surrounding us, I found an outlet that allowed me to share a tiny piece of nature’s bounty through my vision as a landscape, nature and architecture photographer.
The motivation for my interest in photography came from Robert Elliot, a long time friend. With Roberts support and encouragement over the last several years, I have taken an interest to share with the world, the view from my lens.
I invite you to enjoy my outlook on our world, forever immortalized in print via my website, or contact me at
Thank you for your interest!



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