Please take a look through my different collections and feel free to treat yourself if you see anything you like!

I also have a Zazzle store that offers a lot of the same designs on t-shirts! Take a look by going to the Zazzle website and search for sbaibe.

I aim to grow my range of content, but I tend to focus on styles like traditional tattoo designs, mandala line and dot work, ink illustrations, and occasionally adding bright colours in when I've had enough of black and white. But I also love to explore into the unfamiliar and experiment with anything and everything.

I am just starting out with making my work public, and I'm wondering why I didn't do it sooner. The feedback and support I have received so far is so incredibly encouraging and uplifting. It has given me the confidence and motivation to share my designs with the world! I think that all an artist wants in life is to share their creations and hope to inspire, so please tell me if I have done just that, cause I'd love to hear about it! It's the reason I draw!

Also, if you have any design ideas that you think will fit my style, then please tell me them! I'm always grateful of people that share their ideas and it also helps me to understand what kind of designs people are after.

Star Signs (Colour)


Patch Doodles

Flora & Fauna




Inktober 2018

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Little Shop Of Horrors

Doctor Who


Tropical Trio

Sun & Moon

Rose Tint My World

Star Signs