Satish Bapat

Satish Bapat

Satish uses photography and acrylic painting to create art that has purpose, art that has meaning. Art is also about enjoying and appreciating the simple things around us such as nature, architecture, street art. Through paintings and photos, Satish would like to bring awareness and a mindset change on environmental and social issues. Visual art is a powerful way to turn passion into action. Satish's paintings and photographs will inspire you to pause, to think, to reflect and to make a difference.

His focus in 2021 is to bring plastic washed ashore into his acrylic art. Satish spends on an average a day a month collecting plastic and other trash on washed ashore on beaches near his home in The Hague in the Netherlands. Most of the plastic or rubbish is brought to waste recycling or trash, but after cleaning, some of it is used in his paintings.



Originals sold, prints available