Saskia Rosa Hartmann

Saskia Rosa Hartmann

I always knew that my way of expressing myself was painting. Even though I think that I am primarily not a visual person, but a feeling person. I always enjoyed creating pictures with my eyes, but I paint because I want to make the invisible world around us visible. Our world is there and visible, the things we feel are not, and for a long time we only believed in the visible things. Of course I'm also interested in what I want to make visible. But I prefer to dive into the world of art and painting. Because I'm not a consumer, I'm a creator, and with paintings I may not be able to portray everything I feel and how I feel, but I think it comes closer to it than words could ever come.
I have always felt this invisible world and nowadays I can describe it a little better with words: a world that connects us behind the words and what we can see - the world of feelings, the quantum matrix, the telepathy, the manifestation of desires and changing the world by changing the vibration. It has always inspired me to transform this invisible world, which can perhaps only be experienced with the heart, into visible colors and shapes in our world.
Either I show this invisible world only with the help of abstract painting - but my bigger goal is to pull figurative painting into the abstract or to somehow connect figurative and abstract to show that these two worlds are connected.

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expressive abstract watercolor serie

Abstract Watercolor "Inside My Body"