Sarita Jarrett

I am a 45yr single woman, born in Essex, grew up in Cornwall, moved to Wiltshire for best part of a decade before moving to Hampshire, where I now live on the South Coast. I have always described my artistic level as that of a 5yr old and could not even “draw stickmen straight”! I am now an advocate that anyone can learn to draw with or without natural ability. The ‘only’ criteria are time, desire to do it and patience.

Disabled with severe illness almost my whole life, I have spent many years bedridden. I am currently able to manage a bit more due to the addition of steroids to a medication list that includes high amounts of morphine etc. One of a number of amazing experiences I have been blessed with since meds have given me a window of opportunity to do more than lie flat on my back, was to be chosen as a torchbearer for the London 2012 Olympics!! Incredible honour and surreal experience! I was chosen based on the Counselling described later (for those bored enough to continue reading!)

Learning to draw (within limits) and even do some acrylic painting has been a major challenge but one that has brought me much joy and satisfaction. I even tried a pastel of some almond tree flowers recently!

Photography has always been a major interest and I enjoy taking many pictures when the opportunity arises. Most companions/carers/friends and family get bored while I take so many pictures of the same scene! Usually at a location I would be unable to return to, I am aware how the smallest change of position, angle, cropping etc. can be the difference between an average and a good photo.

This is even more an issue for me as a wheelchair user who cannot always get to the optimum position. All of the photos first added are as they came out of the camera with no use of photo manipulation software. If later ones have had any alterations they will be minor (removing red eye for example). (Another reason I take a lot on scene - one has to come out half-decent right?!)

I am a Christian and that informs everything in my life. Music has been a major passion and both the flute and keyboard in that drawing are mine. I also enjoy all kinds of craft activities from making jewellery to making cards, crochet to photo based products (bookmarks, key rings, fridge magnets, even clocks), writing and of course the art when I can manage to sit up long enough.

Suffering with severe depression, including self-harm, for best part of 20yrs, I had been through most of the ‘help’ options and had no hope until I was introduced to Biblical Counselling. Facilitated to train in it, I changed from suicidal to the point of catatonia through to genuine peace and contentment. Something so rare in modern life. Having experienced the life change it can bring, I now bring the opportunity for others to learn as well as Counselling when well enough, often via Skype (hence the torch carrying nomination!)

I’m a recovering perfectionist with workaholic tendencies that often get quashed by my health limitations. An avid reader until my illness made that first impossible and now returned to ‘just’ very difficult, I love to learn. My health is affected by several major conditions, at least one of which is genetic, and it would take a genuine miracle for me to ever recover. I wasn’t supposed to make 40 and then it was 42 and I recently (at time of writing) turned 45. Every day is a gift, even when the pain makes it feel anything but.

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