saravani Arts & Crafts

saravani Arts & Crafts

hello aesthete !!

to all those who love art and who want to fill their lives with colors,
to have a smile in your worst times,
to remain calm in the middle of so much chaos,
to enjoy your own life even when you are all alone,
to know your true self,
to know the true value of life,
to be happy no matter what happens,
to get inspired in low times,
to remember that life can be colorful whenever you feel like everything is black,
to realize what you are capable of,
to make yourself feel like sunshine,

there are so many more things that beautiful paintings can do to you and your life and I want every one of you has whatever happiness you DESERVE to have in your life.

I am very fortunate to have my paintings help at least one person to have a content, peaceful, truthful life.