My name is Sara. I’m a small person with big dreams from Hungary, living and working in Barcelona, Spain.

I like capturing reality and transform it into something rather unreal. I dress up and redefine my own images of cities, spaces and spontaneous moments through photo editing and image manipulation.

Visual expression, writing, photography and videography have always been important to me but as I’m interested in so many things in life, I made my experiences in different fields. However, one thing has been there since childhood: the desire to transmit my thoughts and perspective through pictures and various artworks in a unique way.

As one of the basic course’s students, I had the chance to understand the technical aspects of photography in the Grisart International School of Photography. Since then, I give free space to creativity, mix it with professional knowledge, and let it flow freely as long as it captures someone’s eyes to reborn as a whole new concept.

Thank you for visiting, enjoy the journey in my world!