Sarah Thrasher

Sarah Thrasher

Learning to ride a horse can be life changing, but riding is only part of the equation. The other part is horsemanship, and this is where the magic happens. Horsemanship and horse training need to become mainstream within not only the equine community, but within the whole of society.

By neglecting to learn the art of horsemanship, the majority of people are missing out on the things that horses are trying to teach them along the way. Riding a horse without understanding his language can put both horse and rider at risk, limits the partnership that humans can have with horses, and is not too different from slavery.

When I teach people to ride, I also teach them to learn how to communicate with and understand the horse or pony they are riding. All my lessons and programmes are a combination of horsemanship, horseback riding skills, social skills and outdoor education.

I aim to touch as many people and horses as I can in my lifetime, through education, experience, art, photography and writing.