Sarah Joy

I have always been fascinated with people's life stories. It is my strong belief that everyone's life is a unique journey that can be creatively expressed as inspirational, influential and relatable. My art seeks to create a connection between the insight, emotions and seasonal qualities of internal life journeys and the beauty and rawness of the natural world we live in.

I find nature a place to relax and reflect, so I hope that my works will encourage others to do the same. Especially as we live in a technologically dominant society where the beauty and psychological benefits of time spent in nature is often forgotten. Whether just a moment to stop and feel as if they are in the midst of a quiet forest or to reflect upon their own life story, my works seek to have a positive effect on the viewer’ state of being.

I feel and experience my life deeply, and so draw upon that inspiration to express aspects of emotional journeys through the lens of nature. I hope that my art evokes feelings in the viewer that enable them to better understand their own journey and inspire them to keep moving forward.

Rustic Nature Photography Collection