Sarah Arensi Artworks

Sarah Arensi Artworks

I'm Italian, but my home is the world... to small ... my home is the entire universe. I worked alongside great masters on the international scene in theater, film, fine art and spirituality, with over 20 years of experience. I'm inspired by silence, nature, inner peace, love, humankind, beauty, and all that is alive and divine ... plus the unlimited, unknown and mysterious field of consciousness. I believe that art in all its forms and manifestations is an immediate and powerful way to reach awareness, leading humanity to evolution. My art goals are to expand consciousness, to awaken the spirit within ourselves, to create a better world, to create beauty that save the world, to create awareness and compassion, contribute to the path of enlightenment in all human beings.
I'm a spiritual/shamanic artist, performer, ecstatic art coach, and creative energy connector/catalyzer. My deep love for creative energy and ecstatic flow led me to deepen and experience art, alchemy, awakening, presence, spiritual and energetic medicine, unconditional love, mysticism, shamanism. “I co-create my paintings together with the source of life. Life always gifted me with a strong longing for spiritual awakening and I put that energy into my art.” My clients are spread across different countries around the globe: Italy, Germany, Sweden, Austria, Finland, Lebanon, New Mexico, California, New York, Dubai. I exhibited in some of the most important art cities in the world: Milan, Rome, Bologna, Paris, New York, Miami, Los Angeles.

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