Sara Srubar-Erb

Sara Srubar-Erb

Over the past 10 years, Sara Srubar-Erb has become well known for composing paintings that capture the imaginative and organic possibilities of abstract watercolor. Her art has been heralded for it’s calming and therapeutic nature: a true reflection of the artist herself.

Beautiful and transformative in her focuses use of the medium, patrons enjoy the healing power of an original paintings or print brings into their space. Sara credits her background as a Theology student with helping her create works of art that speak to a person’s spirit and soul. She is a firm believer in the healing power of God, our Creator, and the inspirational and regenerative power of color, texture and design, and taps into God’s power to heal and soothe the body, soul, and spirit and foster an environment of true peace and relaxation.

Just as creating each work of art is a personal journey for the artist, she invites the observer to draw their own connections and embrace each individual painting as their own. Sara lives and paints in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Murphys, California.

My materials come from all over the world...

Holbein Japanese watercolor paint,
Daniel Smith watercolor paint made in the USA,
Arches French handmade watercolor paper,
Fabriano Italian Watercolor paper,
Caslon Watercolor paper, made in the USA,
Grumbacher red sable brushes, made in the USA (red sable from Russia)

Landscape of Hope