Sandy Baker

Sandy Baker

After decades of creating art I'm finally going down a trail I've wanted to all my life. It's an amazing feeling when you are able to work at your passion.
My Digital Art is created using a program called Bryce. A very interesting story behind my fixation with Bryce.
I discovered the program years ago. It was just about doing something fun - like the way I always doodled layouts for my paintings. When I moved to Kettle Point I had terrible internet and couldn't get updates for my programs. When I finally subscribed to a local internet service, I discovered just how out-of-date my computer was. Soooooo. I purchased the latest Bryce and started all over again.
Then it happened. As I was rendering a huge file my computer completely froze. I forced it to quit and it never started up again. You see Apple computers in those days really heated up because it had a fan in it that never kept the computer cool.
I was horrified. Plus I realized there were many files I hadn't saved on my external drive.
So I get a new computer. Well the makers of Bryce for some reason decided not to keep up with Apple and the program no longer worked.
Thus two years ago I started a search to find an old Mac that ran on Snow Leopard. I finally found one a few months ago. I was overjoyed.
Oh but...
I couldn't find the serial number to activate the program. I contacted Daz, who had developed Bryce and asked them to help me find the serial number. They weren't having any luck. My email was different in those days.
And then...
I was cleaning out my desk draw and low and behold - I found the needed paper.
You can't imagine my joy when I entered that number and Bryce came up!
So now you get to enjoy (and hopefully purchase) my creations!
Now for my other collections, I will be posting my Just for Fun and some Photography.

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