S.A Swan Art

S.A Swan Art


I was formally finish Academy of art in Slovenia. I get inspiration for paint art from the universal light, love and joy. My heart is connected with my source in the universe. My will is strong but want to be and can be even stronger. I would like to bring principles of compassion, tolerance and truth back on earth, this is my purpose. My wish is to inspire humans heart to become peaceful, strong, beautiful.. hearted and what they trully are. What is the meaning of life? Just live with no deeper purpose, lost in delusion? Always ruining for something outside? I want you to come back to peaceful heart of the universe and source of mother of our souls and stay save.

My art does show a beautiful dimension, pure lands and alive nature, mitological beings because everything is actually alive even if we do not see this truth, for those who do not believe it can stay just a fairy tale. That lands are waiting for pure hearts who want to know the truth how to return in peace and harmony. The pictures are giving the good energy in room. My painting is wish of my heart and it is alive.

The backpacks and vests are homemade by my mother or my soul sister Miranda. We are the best friends and cooperate together. She is very good hearten person also want to save the planet as I do. Our purpose is to share a message of the light and consciousness. Our way of creating is to do it with recycle material. The items are made of artificial material so is useful for vegans to! We do support natural materials, but if is question to throw away and made more garbage of artificial materials, we better use the remain material of fabric to make something useful.

Step by step to good will bring blessings to each of us! Every item you buy from use will everyday remind you to stay innocent in heart, mind and to support the right way of thinking and doing tings on this world.