2020 Salon d'automne 巴黎秋季沙龍
2022 International Watercolour Masters UK
2021 Mellow Art Award USA
2021 Hysterica Exhibition in M.A.D.S. Art Gallery Italy&Spain

I truly appreciate that you visit my page. Now, All WORKS for SELLING. Since my mom is fighting against lung cancer, I know the cancer fighters' suffering. Therefore, I'd like to donate partial of my selling to help other fighters. If you are interested, please send me the message. Thank you so much!

Painting for me is as playing puzzles. I love to see them be accomplished piece by piece. Moreover, painting is very interesting to me especially during trips because I am able to focus on various subjects with light floating and colour change. It could be better to paint leisurely rather than taking photos hurriedly so that I am able to enjoy the wonder of trips.

When I paint or draw, I have to observe and watch every detail. I always remember the atmosphere of that place I painted. I also like to paint some portraits, objects and some sketching to reflect on my feelings.
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Watercolor Painting

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