Yerma Originals

Yerma Originals

Slam! Slam! I turned to see my 4 and 6 year olds had gotten into the car. Naturally, I called for them to get out, the car isn't a toy, but they shook their little heads and didn't budge. I was busy trying to set up camp, as we'd just arrived in Ketchikan after a long trip.

I took a few steps toward the car, and told them again to get out. Again they shook their heads, but this time they pointed toward the road. I looked in that direction and saw a big black bear sauntering down the gravel road toward us. About that same time, my dogs had spotted it and began barking and pulling on their ties.

At first I froze, then was struck with the presence of mind to approach the car and get in. I grabbed the handle and pulled, but it was locked. I began knocking on the window and told them to let me in.

"But Mama, there's a bear!" I know, now unlock the door! "No, there's a bear!" You're going to let him get me? Smart girls didn't answer, but didn't unlock the door, either.

I slowly went to my dogs, who were going nuts, and unclipped them. They took off like racehorses, and so did the bear. They gave him a good chase and were back a few minutes later.

I'm a retired journalist that still writes, and at times I do it with acrylic paint on canvas.

I raised up children in Alaska, the best place there is to do such a thing, and many of my landscapes come from places we've enjoyed, such as the muskegs. I foraged wild rice, berries and medicine while the dogs and kids caught salamanders and squished the warm mud between their toes.

Each day was it's own adventure, and my kids all grew up to be sturdy, productive citizens who are down to Earth and morally well.

When it's a nice day in Alaska, there isn't a nicer day anywhere. I plan to keep putting my memories to canvas as long as there's breath within me.

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