Sandy Fox

Sandy Fox

I work in oils, digital media, and occasionally mixed media.

Originally from Detroit, Michigan, I currently work out of my studio in New York's North Country. I have exhibited my artwork throughout Vermont, New York and California. As a way of giving back, I occasionally donate my art to charitable causes and worthy fund-raising events.
My passion for the arts has no boundaries, which is expressed in the way I communicate with color and often bold intensity. Thinking "outside the box" is what makes my art so unique. Thoughtful deliberation is often the foundation of of many of my pieces, but at other times I just like to create with wild abandon and let the art move in it's own direction.
I've been fortunate enough to have won many awards for my work, locally and non-locally, and my artwork has been appreciated by collectors and non-collectors alike.
Art is alive and exciting! It piques our curiosity and imagination. It makes us think, feel and wonder. It inspires us to reach deep within ourselves to connect with an "extraordinary magnificence" that longs to be embraced. Art adds a special, expansive and exhilarating dimension to our lives.

New Media

Oil Paintings