Collezione Apocrifa da Vinci

Collezione Apocrifa da Vinci

The artist does not reproduce the subject looking at the subject but the projection of it; representation of a representation that is shadow.

After long experimentations, the Laboratory "Collezione Apocrifa da Vinci", directed by Alessandro Tartaglione, developed a methodology of paper sculpting applied to printed reproductions of ancient manuscripts and drawings by the most important Italian artists.
This is an exclusive process that has no comparison because provides the handwork of every single manuscript page or drawing.
The motivations that led us to the realization of these works go far beyond the impersonal replica. In the conception and realization we tried to enrich our works with a personal contribution to arouse a plurality of emotions in the viewer; to communicate through ancestral signs which could stress the collective imagination, giving to the viewers the dream to browse an original, as well as the wear and tear of time has left.

Rare Manuscripts

Leonardo's Manuscripts

Leonardo's Anatomical Drawings I

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