Sandra Hagan

Sandra Hagan

Thank you so much for visiting my Gallery.
I am a simple artist working out of my home in a very small town of East Bend, North Carolina.
I've always been interested in all facets of art and started showing "talent" in the second grade. Starting Junior High School, I participated and studied art in ever art class I could attend. In Senior High School, I applied for and was accepted into the Advanced Placement Drawing Program in the 11th grade and then the Advanced Placement Art Program in the 12th grade. It was my ambition to attend the NC School of the Arts but unfortunately, finances made this impossible. Through the years of a different career and motherhood, I continued my interest in drawing and painting on my own.
Now I am an Empty-Nester and I have lots of time to pursue my hobby that I love. Sharing and selling my artwork is a perk to my hobby and hopefully will earn myself some pocket change.

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