Sana Mosa

Sana Mousa
Profound Artist, from Alexander, Egypt. Master degree in Art Education and preparation of PHD degree in Art Education Halwaan University , Egypt.
1995 : Arabic women artists exhibition orgaized by the UNESCO-Paris-France .
1996 : Arabic artists exhibition in Baladena hall , Aman Jurdan .
1997 : International Ashareqa Benally - Graphics- United Arab Emirates .
1998 : Benally dry drilling -Arau - switzerland .
1997 : Triple exhibition -Lusanne Switzerland .
2000 : Egyptian contemporary Art Exhibition - Armenia .
2001 : Exhibition of Sarayevo Winter .
2001 : Exhibition of six Egyptian Artists- Egyptian Academy in Rome- Italy .
2002 : Participated Exhibition in Sanaa - Yemen .
Her beautiful water paintings are considered the most eloquent, highly detailed works of our time.We are surrounded by so much beauty and potential that is noverlooked with the mind of struggle and chaos. It is a constant challenge to be present and in the state of love, gratitude and compassion. That being known, the work she creates is meant from a spiritual awareness and a focused intent. The ease at which her work flows from thought to creation, is a testimony of a universal language, one that is all knowing and rooted in sacred wisdom.