Samuel von Baltes

Samuel von Baltes

Upon discovering the image of an interior world that had the unsatisfied need of being reproduced by me, I started to channel my attention upon the impenetrable psychology of man, seeking to paint the images of desperation, shock, madness, all geared toward the complexity and expression of personages. Using contrast to produce strong effects, the inclinations of the

compositional axes as well as the symbolic colors, sometimes even the essential elements to

mark strong disturbances, I rendered my ideas as well as the profoundness of sentiments about

different critical situations in the life of man.

In the same manner, I tried to touch the sensitive cord of nature's soul, rendering nostalgic

landscapes burdened by loneliness. Also, the meteorological phenomena and the physical changes, at dusk, helped me to realize not only an image of palpable things but also a soul hidden behind every stroke of color.

Study aroused my interest in a way such that the subjects which challenged me I then tried to

understand them. Though it was a study, even there I hid the images of an unseen world through themes, content, atmosphere, and color. In drawing as well as in painting, my attention was always focused on the affects of the work upon the beholder as well as the depth of impenetrable sentiments. The desire to shock the viewers or to render the finesse and complexity of emotions has followed me throughout my entire artistic path until now.

My interest for the art world and also for art was always fueled by an unstoppable energy, falling in love with the history of this domain as well as art itself. I don't want my life to imitate art. Rather, I want art to be part of my life in so much as the sentiments, emotions, crises, shocks, can be understood by me and after that my vision about these things may be exposed to the public in an artistic way.

I studied art at an Art High School ( Liceul de Arta Sibiu/Romania/EU) and in all the 3 years of study I obtained 5 National Awards in art ( Sculpting, Painting, Art History) I also obtained the qualification of TECHNICIAN IN ARTISTIC TECHIQUES - PAINTING.