Samriddhi Arts And Crafts

Samriddhi Arts And Crafts

A business with over 28 years of heritage, Samriddhi Art And Craft is one of the finest shops for wooden statues and figurines. The business was started by my father after he trained for over 20 years in ivory figures, however, soon after he started his business, Ivory was banned. He suddenly lost his only economic mainstay, then one day he got a shipment of wood in his studio, he realized that his art wasn’t limited to any medium, that he could spread his ‘kala’ using anything!

Some believe beauty is that which is visible to the eye while some think it is an intrinsic quality. We, at Samriddhi Arts And Crafts, understand that it is both – internal and external. From procuring the finest grade raw-materials to giving a modern twist to the designs to selecting the best artisans in the field; it all comes together in the end result: beauty!

Beauty is the thread that unifies all our works of art; but our products span various forms and sizes. Samriddhi Arts And Crafts that came into existence 28 years ago is still the hallmark of this spectrum of beautiful, quality products. We achieve this with the leadership of a young chairperson, expertise of our family of more artisans and your feedback.

We shall be privileged to satisfy one and all, both individual clients as well as firms dealing in handicrafts, in any corner of the world. In addition to our wholesale distribution channel which deals with firms, we have a retail outlet in Jaipur to serve our individual clients.

We starts by choosing a block of wood appropriate to the shape and scale of his intended design. Wood storage complete for long time in such a way that the wood is kept as dry as possible for better smoothness and intricate details. Employing gouges and small iron toll of various sizes, we then reduces the wood to an approximate shape, which he refines with a variety of tools like iron tool with hand cutter. When the detailed work is complete, we smoothes the surfaces with implements like rifflers, and with different grains of sandpaper. Lastly, to enhance and preserve the sculpture, we stains it walnut or linseed oil, and then coats it in varnish, resin or wax polish. Finally we pack it and ready for dispatch.

Meditating Buddha Statue, Showpiece


Ganesha Statue