Samuel Kraus

Samuel Kraus

Hello! Thanks for visiting and taking a look!

You can call me Sam. A little about myself; I am native to Oshkosh Wisconsin. I've got a very broad set of interests; technology, science, space exploration, sports, music, art, what the future holds for us, and more. I like to be creative as well. I grew up playing saxophone and I was always best at improv. I tend to take life as it comes and go with the flow.

For me, art is just a hobby. I've become more involved with learning the skill over the last two years. I have a very talented friend who's been able to give me a few pointers, and ever since I've been more interested than ever. I like to use creativity and imagination whenever I can. You won't find me recreating real world images too often because I like to improvise everywhere and all the time. I tend to be most impressed by recreated images that have extreme detail, but I have more fun and enjoy looking at abstracts more than anything when it comes to art. I like all the colors and curves and shapes; the brain can do some mysterious things with those ingredients.

Fun fact: Back in the day during those elementary school years I'd failed art class, almost more than once, so I tend to have a good laugh about how I ended up becoming who I am today.