We all have obligations and desires. I believe that it is your desire and your passion that should drive you. It is what keeps you alive and to deny this to oneself it so deny that which feeds your very soul. Depression and frustration is but the denial of that which you truly are.
I have loved to draw and to play with colours since I was old enough to pick up my mums lipstick and write strange inscriptions on the walls of John Ross House in Durban, South Africa where we lived on the 9th floor. Growing up I loved to create things to make my mum smile and impress her. I wanted to be able to draw like she could. She had a way with colours and blending the pastels that would make me feel in awe.

I was always artistic in schools back home but I was never passionate about books. That came much later. I always wanted to be better than I was and to create things that would leave people in complete submission of the beauty, mystery and imagination that colour and art can bring. It opens a door to something not of this world where you can let go and be free. To allow yourself to imagine all the things that you wouldn’t otherwise imagine and explore within your own mind and heart.

Why do I love painting so much? Because it is freedom without thought, it is space without restriction, It is feeling without attachment or fear. It is an expression from a place where time does not exist. There are no set rules by anyone as they simply don’t exist here. It is boundless, formless and endless. All these things that we are as human beings but place outdated and conformist restrictions upon ourselves every day as if these restrictions will somehow make us happy.

My intent is to create something that will inspire you and capture something within you every time that you look at it. That it will grow within you and move something within you as it draws you in. That it may make you smile and want to share the experience with others.

The Garden