Samantha Biddle

Samantha Biddle

40 years ago, I never imagined I would be considered a professional artist. I have been lucky to have been able to have a career within creativity and been able to travel a lot for work, teaching creatives how to master their skills and sell their art. But living with a debilitating bone condition meant that time was running out for me to be running around the world for work. Art and creativity is part of who I am, and to be able to send my day doing it, well isn’t that a blessing. 

I live in North Dorset with my childhood sweetheart, husband Jon of 30+ years and two dogs, Bella and Bertie. On the edge of a small town, I have the best of both worlds, Waitrose 5 minutes away and the countryside as I look out my window. My studio is a converted garage alongside my home, with honeysuckle and yellow roses growing along the walls outside.

What excites me is the opportunities to find unique ways to fit my art into the world. I still love teaching and helping other creatives to find their inner digital ninja. But realise art is more than something you hang on the wall. In today’s world art can be, worn, held, and even sat on. Art is everywhere and celebrated as part of a culture or identity. I want to help people access art for anything they want to put it on. 

Painting original canvases and on my iPad, I enjoy the latter because it fits into that anytime, anywhere philosophy.

Digital art is not always the manipulation of photos, and I feel we should re categories the artistic elements of digital art. Most artists who choose an iPad or tablet as a medium paint using various brushes available within their preferred app. They are no less talented and it still requires an element of skill to develop a picture.

My paintings are a feel as you go kind of thing, maybe even spiritually inspired, I have an eclectic range, but mainly bridging the gap between reality and abstract.