Samantha Worthington - Contemporary Artist

Samantha Worthington - Contemporary Artist

During my 20 year career as an award-winning and internationally recognised marketing and customer specialist, I often felt like something was missing...

In August 2016 I held my mom's hand as she passed away from cancer. It was a life-defining moment. Immediately after that experience, my life was forever changed. I had no option but to listen to my inner wisdom and follow a path that was my aligned with my purpose.

Throughout my life, I have always been inspired by and passionate about the literary and visual arts. I am obsessed with the spectacular energy of colour and the remarkable power of words. As a lifelong writer and artist, I made the enormous decision to share my work with the world. The response was phenomenal, and a new path began to emerge... a path that nurtured and healed both my soul and the souls of others through my work.

When my mom died, she gave me a gift - the gift of truth. It is with this gift that I live my truth to inspire and move others through my paintings and my words.​

As a married mom to three incredible humans, I spend my spare time running a marketing and customer experience agency based in Brisbane, while conducting research for my PhD in Philosophy through the University of Southern Queensland. I am an avid believer in individualism, the medicinal value of clean eating, and the universal power of the human spirit.

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