Sam Savage

Sam Savage

The soil births us, creates us, feeds us and eventually takes us back. My fascination is with people, their relationship to their environment and the soil they are part of. I use images of individuals and place them within an environment that tells the observer a story of life, hardship and triumph. I invite the audience to “feel with” and empathize with the subject – to see into and understand a little of their life path.

My artistic process feels to me like an ancient ritual. I saw the wood by hand, build the frame, stretch the canvas, prime it, sand it. All the while watching for clues of where and how the image wants to be.

Once I pick up charcoal and oils, there is a climax to the ritual that develops a life of its own.

I am a South African artist who lives and works on a farm in the Magaliesburg area near Johannesburg.