Art to Art  Sally Morris

Art to Art Sally Morris

Sally Morris grew up in Greenwood SC and the oldest daughter of Neil Cost "Cobbler" a legendary Turkey Call maker dubbed the Strativarius of Wild Turkey Calls. Sallys dad was also a very proficent sketch artist , award and winning turkey hunter. He was a perfectionist and expected perfection from his two daughters. Sally attempted a few times to draw or paint a picture and was met with lots of critisim and no praise for trying. So Sally just assumed she wasn't talented and thought no more about it until one day at the age of 28 living in a efficiency apartment on beautiful Siesta Key the colors of Florida stimulated her creativity and with no money to personalize and add color to her home she was forced to get creative and rummaging through a storage shed on the property she found three cans of paint blue green and yellow. Thinking she might try painting a mural on one wall of the apartment thinking no harm if it didn't look good she could just paint over it. She said when she walked up to to the wall paint brush in hand and made that first swipe she had no control over what to do from there and a beautiful waterfall spilling over rocks and wooded background appeared and she felt she had no part in other than putting the paint on the wall and she loved it and from that day until now at the age of 68 and retired living in Abbeville SC in a house she purchase for 9000 and has devoted 6 years to giving her a facelift and a heart. She had lots of free time now and paints what comes out when she picks a paint color and applies it to a surface Siesta Key was where it started and the bright vivid colors of Florida still are her favorites. Sally had a career of 22 years as a Cosmetologist and 16 years as a Realtor in Greenwood SC both made use of her creative nature but were demanding and left little time to paint but she managed to squeeze in the time and painting when she had a spare minute and an inspiration hit.She is always the student, learning and honing her skills. Her style ranges from impressionism to abstract to folk art. Colors and how they interact and play beside each either is what inspires her to paint. If her love comes through her work then she is satisfied that it did what it was meant to do touch someone else.