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Taking your photos and turning them into works of art for generations to come.

Everything I paint has to have meaning behind what I do, a story behind it. Every painting goes to support a cause.

Lioness Award Dec 2018 fighting for Women's rights in 3rd world countries.,

***My current project is to raise funds for a school for children for West Africa please consider purchasing a piece of artwork for my current Strokes of Hope Education for all.***

Dec 2020 recipient Humanitarian Award for Global Peace & Human Rights (Nelson Mandela ) & International Women of Courage Award by The International Humanitarian Rights Council

Other projects I’ve been involved in or currently in:
Every year I donate a painting to Canada’s Brush of Hope Celebrity Painting Auction for The National Kidney Foundation of Canada Atlantic Branch. All the proceeds go to fund kindney research. In 2012 I donated paintings for I ❤️Nolan to help a local boy and In 2013 I started a campaign in called Strokes of Hope where I called on artists to donate paintings for an auction to raise funds for a local young boy who lost his leg to a drunk driver, we were able to raise $350 to go towards medical bills. It is from there I decided to really use my art for goodwill, so any project fund raising will always be called Strokes for Hope.