Sakana Arts

Sakana Arts

I go by the alias of Fish. Not only because I like fish, but in memory of my grandpa. At first I didn't like the name and was perplexed to why he couldn't remember my name, but it grew on me and stuck, which became part of who I am.
I'm a self taught artist currently studying Japanese Language and Literature at the University of Florida.
I am heavily influenced by Japanese culture which I try to express through my art. Even incorporated in my business title, sakana in Japanese means fish. I've worked on murals at my former high school, Deerfield Beach High School. I enjoy working with watercolor and graphite. I find drawing and painting to be a meditative process as i get lost in watching color appear on a blank sheet of paper.
Artist Statement:
The world is beautiful and full of color. I want to paint it all!
Thank you for taking the time to look.
~ Fish <><~