Sajaavat Art

Sajaavat Art

Reena Patel
London based artist

My aim as an artist is to bring together my Indian background with its rich cultural heritage and contemporary vision to create unique and original abstract pieces. Born in Tanzania, and brought up and living in London, I am lucky enough to have been exposed to and wide range of experiences and sights from which to draw my inspiration. My original motivation came from beautiful henna patterns and Indian textiles. My work has evolved as I use different techniques but still in keeping with my own unique twist.

My paintings bring colour, elegance, style and above-all, I hope, happiness. Each painting is created with a lot of thought and planning. It can be displayed on its own as a stunning centre-piece for a room or as a decorative piece to complement the rest of your environment.

I have created several commissions to reflect my clients’ interests using my style of painting. I have received feedback on how my art sparks discussion and appreciation for the attention to detail and intricacy. Please contact me directly if you would like to commission a painting.