Sally Harrison's Dot Paintings

Sally Harrison's Dot Paintings

This Profile is Designed to promote Understanding of The Forces that SHAPE our lives.

In 1949 my crippled 14 yr old Mother was raped by a white man. Declared as neglected children, authorities exiled her, classified me as a subhuman being & sent me to Bomaderry Mission, which Enforced a strict code of Honesty, self discipline, self respect & love of goodness. This home Was my Rock of Ages. There was no disrespect, disobedience, lies, shirking of responsibilities or pretence. My Adoptive parents Ruthlessly uprooted The Good Cultivated In Me & Replaced it with LIES & the worst forms of Abuse.

Words can't express The Horrors Inflicted by THE WORD Made Flesh; A new Name, parents, home & religion that forced Me to use my right hand. This switched & split my brains into 4 entities: A False Persona, My Aboriginal SOUL, My SPIRIT & My 6 yr old self. In effect, I remained conscious, Mute with Terror, locked up in my Right Mind & enslaved to my parents' LIES. My Left-brain, Seat of My Aboriginal soul, was awakened & Forced to Fit the Government's FALSE IMAGE of Me, based on THE WORD of an EXALTED Englishman. That BELIEF condemned me to Non-Existence as A Shadow of My Former Self, STRIPPED of My Humanity & Forced to Remain An Ignorant Child.

This is murder of the mind with LIES, physical abuse, mental torture & Deprivation of Human Rights which suppressed the development of my Neocortex. I became clumsy, desensitized, mentally detached & Suicidal. My parents denied any friendships outside of school hours & inflicted extreme punishment if I disobeyed. They Reduced My World to a solitary existence behind closed doors, helping them clean a bank after school till 9 pm at night. Luckily, when I was 10, the Nuns at St. Michael's persuaded my parents to alIow me to attend art classes. Art Empowered Me to Disappear into The Silence of A Spiritual Realm where False Images & Lies are DENIED Entry.

My greatest confusion is best expressed by What A Piece of Work is Man. It means that although Humans may appear to think and act "nobly" they are essentially DUST. It is an expression of Melancholy over THE DIFFERENCE between the best that men ASPIRE To Be & How they ACTUALLY BEHAVE; The Great Divide that depressed Hamlet. This 400 yr old phrase crystalizes what has habitually Oppressed & Confused me in this Christian society.

Life was a constant struggle because I lacked the Life Experiences of others. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't catch up because these Normal Milestones did not exist in my memory as a Non-Entity in White Society & caused Continual Social Judgement & Condemnation. I taught myself to dot paint in 1992 to come to terms with Myself - but The Difference Between My White Persona & My Aboriginal Soul caused artist's block.

3 years ago I decided to Reprogram My Brains & Re-Educate myself on the Origin of Religion, Cultural Beliefs, Aboriginal Culture & Languages from Internet Archives. Like a child, I hand-printed reams of texts & read them repeatedly. This shut down The Government's god-awful blueprint for me. Self-Education Released my Unconscious Childhood Self from The Grip of Terror & The Horrors of Non-Existence, HAUNTED by The Ancient Dead, as well as the Living. In Qld, Aborigines called White Man Ba'al (Phoenician meaning Lord) & Migulu (Sumerian) meaning White Whale & "GHOST". Australia is "The Underworld" or Land of The Dead, aka Terra Nullius - A Land Without People.

Many people seem to be Unconscious of what Prejudice does until it is directed against them personally. Only then do they realize The True Depth of the wounds it inflicts on their hearts & minds, their loved ones & their lives. I'm lucky that Governmental & Parental Inhumanity was balanced to a degree by Caring Individuals.

I practice the Joy of Forgetting by focusing My Attention on MY SOURCE OF LIFE that Gives Breathe To All & provides Pure Water, Animals, Fish, Healing plants, Fruits & Raw Materials for the Benefit & Well-Being of Mankind.

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