Sally Harrison's Dot Paintings

Sally Harrison's Dot Paintings

The Forces that shape our lives.

In 1949 a white man raped my 14 yr old mother. As neglected children she was exiled to the Qld Border & I to Bomaderry Mission to become a Domestic Servant. The Missionaries imbued me with a strict code of honesty, self-discipline & love of goodness. There was no disrespect, disobedience, lies or shirking of responsibilities. When I was 6 yrs old, my world was turned upside down. I was adopted by a white couple who uprooted all the good cultivated in me & Dept. of Aboriginal Affairs decreed absolutely no contact with Aborigines.

I can't express the horrors of The Word Made Flesh; a new home, name (ie: shadow self/reflection) & a new religion enforcing the use my right hand which switched & split my brains. Society chained me to the opinion of Sir Walter Baldwin Spencer, that half-castes weren't much better than animals (their parents) & only fit for domestic service. So Science classified me & mine as "belonging to Pan Troglodyte". In this Modern Age, the Government continued to act like a Fawning Lackey Paying Homage to its Idol - The god-like IMAGE of a Benighted Dead Man.

Sir Walter Baldwin Spencer's Opinion stripped me of my humanity. I was made an idiot child (ie: id + iota) at the hands of parents who Interpreted His Opinion Literally. They ensured my neocortex wouldn't develop by denying friendships outside of school hours, reducing my life to hell behind closed doors & cleaning a bank after school till 9 pm. Thankfully, when I was 10, the nuns persuaded them to alIow me to attend Saturday morning art classes. 

In 1987, after a lifetime of Servility & inability to articulate my problems, my white identity (a shadow "self" reflecting Society) disintegrated under The Burden of public opinion. I decided to reject parental/social ideas & return to those of My Mother Figure at Bomaderry, Sister Mavis Kennedy, whose Foresight prepared me for adulthood. Her Loving Example taught me to Work & "Do Without" Like An Adult from my infancy, saving me from The Fate of millions.

In 1992 I taught myself to dot paint to Re-Connect with my Aboriginal Spirit & undertook the laborious task of piecing together my shattered mind so I could Understand myself. Now, Sister Kennedy's Superb Example Guides Me to assume control over my 2 selves, Weld them into One entity called A BRAIN & make it SUBORDINATE to me, its Adult Supervisor.

In 2014, I began to Re-educate myself on the Etymology of English words & The Origins of Cultural Beliefs & Languages of The Near East; then compared them with Australian Aboriginal Beliefs & Languages. I found similarities in Beliefs & many Aboriginal words identical to or phonetically the same as those of ancient Sumer, Akkad & Babylonia.

Aborigines call their Ancestors Sky Heroes & Creator Beings. These Ancient Astral Beings made them Responsible to Care For This Timeless Land & imparted Star Lore; Kinship Laws to avoid inbreeding; Laws for The Preservation of plant/animal species for present & future generations (thus preserving existing ecosystems) & introduced "Fire-Stick" farming; a slow burn that removed old growth, allowing new plant growth for their benefit as well as bird/animal life. They Forbade Idolatry & the creation of Images of them in Human or Animal Form. Instead, they gave each tribe different SYMBOLS & designs to represent them in SACRED ART, which expresses these Ancient Religious Beliefs. Conversely, ancient Mesopotamian peoples worshipped Enlil, aka Lord Wind (ie: Speech) & Lord of The Raging Storm (War). They Vanished Like The Wind - its Energy & Life Force Dissipated after Summoning Raging Storms that destroy Life & Resources.

The More I Learn, the more The Past recedes into nothingness like "Lord Wind". Thus Creation continues to create a Yawning Gap between NOW & My Past as a Slave in the Antipodes ruled by the antiquated Attitudes of The Victorian Era.

Dot painting Reconnects me to My Astral Ancestors in THE VAST SILENCE OF THE ETERNAL NOW.

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