Sally Harrison's Dot Paintings

Sally Harrison's Dot Paintings

In 1949 my crippled 14yr old Mother was raped by a white man. The Authorities declared us Neglected Children Exiling her Far to the NORTH. I was sent SOUTH to the Bomaderry Mission, NSW - The Bedrock of My Life, instilling Honesty, self discipline, self respect, self reliance & Love of Goodness in me. There was No dishonesty, No shirking of responsibilities, No foul language, No lies & No double standards. I could not have had a better start. These were The Virtues that CONTROLLED Me.

I FELL into a Dark World of CHAOS when I was Adopted by White 'Children Of A Lesser God', who tore out all The Good Instilled In Me, Replacing it with Lies & Illusions. They destroyed My Mind & Life with their WORDS & the WORST forms of physical abuse, roasting me in 'Hell's Kitchen'. When I Left home at 19, my mother told me I was the hardest @#@# she'd ever known. 

Because I had Natural INSIGHT & AWARENESS, I Refused to Show Fear or cry in the face of her perversity, driving her to Try Harder to Break My Spirit - but she FAILED. Perverse means persistent or OBSTINATE In What Is Wrong - Wicked. This is what Empowered Me to withstand the Inexorable Pressure exerted by my Immoral Role-Models & Care-Givers, who besmirched MY Values & My Good Name. I vowed NEVER to Be Like Them. For 30 years, I struggled to Understand my how Brain Functions after Abruptly being CUT OFF from My Natural INSIGHT & AWARENESS as a LEFT-Handed Aboriginal FORCED to Assume a False id + ENTITY that Demanded I Be Less than what I was. Words cannot express the Chaos caused by The Enforced use of my right hand, which SPLIT ME IN TWO.. Few people know that the letter N, is the Ancient Sumerian word 'EN', meaning LORD - Title of Powerful PRIEST-Kings throughout All Near Eastern Cultures. When we say 'enforced' we are saying 'A Priest Forced Me'.

I was left Mentally Shattered & Blinded. In effect, My Conscious Right-Brained Self was trapped in a 'Time Warp' as a 6 year old child, IMITATING the behaviour of my social superiors, while my Subconscious Left Brain, Locked into the Far Distant Past, was taken over & POSSESSED by a Hostile Entity that called itself 'me'. This HATEFUL ENTITY Drove MY SPIRIT from its RIGHTFUL Place as My Spiritual Guide & Guardian to wander Alone in an Endless Desert with Nothing to Sustain it. I hated this ENTITY with all my heart, & Vowed that I would One Day Restore Myself To My Rightful Place & Be Able to USE My Natural Intelligence..

My Totem is A Symbol of Ancient Power that taught me How to Dis-empower Sorcery & Words of Demonic Power; to SPLIT them like Atoms in order to Recognise & Understand What LIES BENEATH, which made me LAUGH OUT LOUD at these 'Revelations', without hurting Anyone but 'Old Nick'

Now I'm FREE of this Stone Age Animus, ie: HOSTILE SPIRIT WEDDED TO A GRAECO-ROMAN PERSONA. Persona is LATIN for MASK, meaning AN ACTOR playing a part in a Play. Disguised in my Mask, I was Forced to ACT OUT a Tragedy SCRIPTED by a 'born-again' Greek Playwright called Aeschylus.

To EXORCISE My Demons, I got angry with MYSELF & Stopped being Meek & Mild Like A Little Child. In Righteous Fury, Like A MIGHTY MAN OF OLD, I dismantled these words by tearing off the teeny-tiny 'arms & legs' of their letters. I UPROOTED their Tree of 'knowledge' & Tore it Limb from Limb just as IT did to me; then I screwed The Neck of their Carrier Pigeon or PIG + EON, ie: A Transvestite, or MAN dressed as a Woman. Finally I Cast Them All into THE CORE of Mother Earth, to BURN FOR ETERNITY for making a MONKEY out of me & Casting Me into the ABYSS to Drown, Alone & Afraid.

The Australian Government has NO Understanding of The People they enslaved & stripped of Everything like their White Assyrian Ancestors. Sorry is just a meaningless WORD

Teaching Myself to Paint & making myself 'go back to school' at home, learning like a child from Internet Archives free Ebooks, created a 'By-Pass' & new Neural Pathways in my brain, Fulfilling The Vow I made when I was 12

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