Sally Harrison's Dot Paintings

Sally Harrison's Dot Paintings

In 1949. My 14 year old mother, crippled with polio, was raped by a white man. The Authorities declared us 'neglected children' & exiled my mother hundred of miles to the north. I was placed at Bomaderry Mission,100 miles south of Sydney.

This was the Bedrock of My Life - instilling Honesty, self discipline, self respect, self reliance & Love of Goodness in me In The Beginning. These were the virtues I learned to live by. There was No dishonesty, No shirking of responsibilities, No foul language, No lies & No double standards. I could not have had a better start.

Adoption was My Fall From Grace; I descended from a World of Virtue into a Dark World of Chaos. My white parents were 'Children Of A Lesser God', who tore out all The Good implanted in me & replaced it with Lies & Illusions.They destroyed My Mind & Life with their words & the worst forms of physical abuse. My Early Childhood Training saved me from suicide or sinking into the gutter in despair. When I Left 'home' at 19, my 'mother' told me I was the hardest @#@# she'd ever known.

Because I knew what was Right & Wrong, I Refused to Show Fear or cry in the face of her perversity, Making Her More Determined To Break My Spirit - but she failed. Perverse means 'Persistent or Obstinate In What Is Wrong - Wicked'. Honesty Empowered Me to withstand the Inexorable Pressure exerted by these Immoral Role-Models & Care-Givers, who besmirched MY Values & My Good Name. I vowed never to be like them - But They Cast Long Shadows in my 'life'.

For 30 years, I struggled to Understand my Brain Functions after I was abruptly cut off from My Natural self & Personality - a Left-Handed Aboriginal forced to assume a False ID + entity that demanded I be less than what I was. Words cannot express the Chaos caused by The Enforced use of my right hand, which SPLIT My Soul in two. Most people don't know that the letter N, is the Ancient Sumerian word 'EN', meaning LORD, The Title of A Powerful Priest-King throughout All Near Eastern Cultures. When we say 'enforced' we are actually saying "A Priest Forced Me".

I was left emotionally shattered, mentally blinded & totally confused by the contradictions that pervade white society, but The Spirit of Life carried me when Little 6 year old Sally, My Soul & Servant, finally FELL with a great sigh & DIED.

In 1992, I moved to The West, learning to dot paint & come to terms with my life as a person of Two Cultures with No place in either. Experience has taught me that painting mirrors life. You face exactly the same challenges. Mental Discipline, Honesty & Observation create Order out of Chaos. Art is Self-Imposed Mental Discipline that Empowers You to Disconnect from The World & Enter 'The Void' or Vast Silence as a Little Pupil in God's EYE. Thus I've learnt that I am independent of what I was conditioned to Believe By Church & State.

Finally, I am Free of this Stone Age Animus called 'my mind, MARRIED to a Graeco-Roman Persona - The creation of my 'Superiors'. Persona is Latin for mask, meaning an actor playing a part in a Play. Disguised in my 'Mask', I was forced to act out a Tragedy scripted by a 'born-again' Greek Playwright called Aeschylus, Worshiped by The Elite of Society. The Talons of My Totem, The Wedge-Tailed Eagle, 'Re-Enacted' his FATE by dropping a tortoise from A Great Height onto his bald pate, smashing his skull & Killing him Again.

I couldn't Accept Myself because I Knew my white 'mind' was 'A Sow's Ear'. Finally, I got very Angry with MYSELF & Stopped being Meek & Mild Like A Little Child. I Caste IT into EARTH'S CORE To Suffer & Burn for ETERNITY in Hell For Making a MONKEY out of Me & Burying Me Alive in 'The Abyss'. In Righteous Anger, I Forced IT to Take Away The Sins of The World & because IT has NO soul, IT can't Re-animate itself,or Re - Ani - Mate, ie: Re = Egyptian Sun god aka Babylonian Marduk, God of War + Ani = Egyptian Priest-King & Scribe of Thoth or Hu = Authoritative Speech, Mated to MAN.

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