Sally Harrison's Dot Paintings

Sally Harrison's Dot Paintings

In 1949 my crippled 14yr old Mother was raped by a white man. The Authorities declared us Neglected Children Exiling her Far to the north. I was sent south to Bomaderry Mission, NSW. This was the Bedrock of My Life, instilling Honesty, self discipline, self respect, self reliance & Love of Goodness in me. There was No dishonesty, No shirking of responsibilities, No foul language, No lies & No double standards. I could not have had a better start. These were THE POWERS THAT CONTROLLED ME.

I Fell into a DARK WORLD OF CHAOS when I was Adopted by CHILDREN Of A Lesser God, who tore out all THE GOOD INSTILLED IN ME, Replacing it with LIES & ILLUSIONS, destroying MY MIND & Life with WORDS & the Worst forms of physical ABUSE. When I Left home at 19, my mother told me I was the HARDEST @#@# she'd ever known. 

Because I had NATURAL INSIGHT & Awareness, I REFUSED to Show Fear & cry in the face of her PERVERSITY, driving her to Try Harder to BREAK My Spirit - but SHE FAILED. Perverse means persistent or OBSTINATE IN WHAT IS WRONG. Insight EMPOWERED Me to withstand the Inexorable Pressure exerted by my Immoral Role-Models & Care-Givers..I vowed NEVER to Be Like Them & for 30 years, I struggled to Understand how my Brain Functions after Abruptly being cut from who I was as a LEFT-HANDED Aboriginal forced to ACT OUT the CHARADE of an id dominated by a Hostile Entity. I can't express the CHAOS that resulted from enforced use of my right hand, which SWITCHED & SPLIT my brains into 4 entities - Me, My Little Self, THE IMPOSTOR that ran away with MY LIFE & my Ancient Self. It left me Mentally Shattered & Blinded. This is what is called MENTICIDE.

In effect, My Conscious Right-Brained Self was TRAPPED IN A TIME-WARP as a mono-syllabic 6 year old with no Understanding of White Culture or Norms, IMITATING THE BEHAVIOUR of my social SUPERIORS, while my Subconscious Left Brain, An Ancient Man TRAPPED IN THE FAR DISTANT PAST with no knowledge of Modernity was 'Awakened', taken over, POSSESSED & Chained by Hostile social programming to Oppose & Resist ME in my Right Brain. External Pressure Banished MY SPIRIT from its Rightful Place - AN ENACTMENT OF ANCIENT RITUAL that Drove Me to WANDER IN AN ENDLESS DESERT Alone & WITHOUT sustenance. When I was 12 years old, I VOWED that One Day I would RESTORE MY SPIRIT TO ITS RIGHTFUL PLACE.

This is the TRUE EXTENT OF MENTICIDE inflicted by DARK-AGE Ignorance, which BOOMERANGS back on Society, MAKING IT PAY FOR ITS SINS in Horrific ways.


It lets me GET THE BETTER OF this Animus, ie HOSTILE SPIRIT in my Left brain, wedded to a GRAECO-ROMAN PERSONA in my right mind. Writing like this way EXORCISES My Anger at the damage done & Makes Me LAUGH OUT LOUD, which is HEALTHY for me & KILLS 'Old Nick'.

Persona means 'MASK' or AN ACTOR. I had no choice but to act out the 'Tragedy' assigned to me by a born-again Greek Playwright. From the age of 6, I've been RESOLUTE in my Determination not to allow MISERY to Dominate me, because I UNDERSTOOD it would destroy me, or someone else. IT COST ME in more ways than you can imagine. I CEASED TO EXIST PHYSICALLY.

I've PRACTICED The JOY of Forgetting by TEACHING MYSELF to Paint & FOCUS MY ATTENTION on things I LOVE.

2.5 years ago,I MADE A DECISION to RE-Program My Brain, Reading & hand-printing texts, LIKE A LITTLE CHILD from Internet Archives free Ebooks as I couldn't articulate my problems This CREATED A MENTAL BY-PASS & New Neural Pathways, fulfilling MY VOW at 12 yrs before I lost consciousness - INERT & INACTIVE FOR 56 YEARS, while a 'CHANGELING CHILD' KILLED ME & Literally 'TOOK MY LIFE'.

My profile is designed to provoke alternative ways of thinking through art for people struggling to cope with their problems & to raise AWARENESS. If you UNDERSTAND the Cause, YOU CAN FIX IT. If not, you remain FIXED In that STATE for Life.

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