Sally Harrison's Dot Paintings

Sally Harrison's Dot Paintings

I was born in Victoria in 1949. My 14 year old mother, crippled with polio, was raped by a white man. The Authorities declared us 'neglected children' & exiled my mother hundred of miles to the north. I was placed at Bomaderry Mission,100 miles south of Sydney.

This Early Childhood Training formed the Bedrock of my life, instilling Honesty, self discipline, self respect, self reliance & Love of Goodness in me In The Beginning. These were the virtues I learned to live by. There was No dishonesty, No shirking of responsibilities, No foul language, No lies & No double standards. I could not have had a better start.

Adoption was My Fall From Grace; I descended from a World of Virtue into a Dark World of Chaos. My white parents were Children Of A Lesser God with Opposite Values to mine. They tore out all The Good implanted in me & replaced it with Lies & Illusions, ruthlessly destroying My Mind & My Life with Words & the worse forms of physical abuse. I'm grateful my Early Childhood Training saved me from suicide or sinking into the gutter in despair. When I left home my mother told me I was the hardest @#@# she'd ever known.

Because I Knew what was Right & Wrong. I refused to show Fear or cry in the face of her perversity, which enraged her, making her more determined to break my Spirit - but she Failed. Perverse means 'Persistent or Obstinate In What Is Wrong; Turned Away From what is Right, Good or Proper; Wicked'. Honesty Empowered Me to withstand these enormous pressures exerted by my Immoral 'Role-Models' & 'Care-Givers', who besmirched the Finest of Values instilled in me from Babyhood. I vowed never to be like them but couldn't escape their influence.

Throughout my adult life, I've struggled to understand how my head works after I was abruptly cut off from My Natural Self as a Left-Handed Aboriginal named Sally Harrison & forced to assume a false identity that demanded I be less than what I was. Words cannot express the Chaos created by this abuse & enforced use of my right hand. It Split my personality into 2 Separate Beings with a Mind of Their Own; an Inchoate, Subservient, Sub-Human Persona & a Terrified Impotent 6 year old Child - a Crude Mockery of what I was, created by the Illusions & Ignorance of my Elders. It left me emotionally shattered, mentally blinded & totally confused by the contradictions that pervade white society, but my Honest Spirit carried me when I couldn't carry myself.

In 1992 I moved to Western Australia, learning to dot paint & come to terms with my life as a person of Two Cultures, with No place in either. Experience has taught me that painting mirrors life. You face exactly the same challenges. Mental Discipline, Honesty & Observation are The Keys that create Order out of Chaos.

Art is Self-Imposed Mental Discipline that Empowers You to escape from your artificially created persona into your Right Mind or sub-conscious which The Ancients called 'The Recording Angel', ie: your Spiritual Guide & Guardian that sees & knows all. Thus I've learnt that I am independent of what I was conditioned to Believe. I've come Home to Myself by using Art to Unlock the door of this Mental Prison called my 'mind' - an Artificial False Personality created by my Proud Superiors Blinded By The Light of Knowledge. Persona is Latin for 'mask', meaning an actor portraying a character in a play or drama (Scripted to Entertain People). Disguised as my false persona & forced to act out the 'bit part' scripted by my Elders & The Government, I learned the true meaning of Humility.

Christ said: 'You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear'. This Inspired me to return to the Simplicity of My Life In The Beginning; to reject all that I was forced to accept; to re-educate myself & Resurrect everything Good in me for the sake of my Mental Health & Spiritual Well-Being.

In The Beginning was The Word & The Word Was (Deified as The 'god' That Created The World). The Word 'world' means 'The Age & Life of Man'

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