Sally Harrison's Dot Paintings

Sally Harrison's Dot Paintings

The Forces that shape our lives.

In 1949 a white man raped my 14 yr old mother. As neglected children she was exiled to the Qld Border & I to Bomaderry Mission to become a Domestic Servant. The Missionaries imbued me with a strict code of honesty, self-discipline & love of goodness There was no disrespect, disobedience, lies or shirking of responsibilities. When I was 6 yrs old, I was adopted by a white couple who uprooted all the good cultivated in me

Words can't express the horrors of The Word Made Flesh; a new home & name (ie: shadow self & reflection) & a new religion enforcing the use my right hand which switched & split my brains. Thus Society chained me to the opinion of Sir Walter Baldwin Spencer, that half-castes weren't much better than animals. His Opinion caused Science to classify me & mine as "BELONGING TO PAN TROGLODYTE".

The Word Opinion means: "a view or judgement formed that is not necessarily based on fact or knowledge". Baldwin Spencer's opinion condemned me to be stripped of my humanity & forced to remain a child, dominated by parents who interpreted his opinion literally, & ensured my neocortex wouldn't develop by denying friendships outside of school hours, reducing my life to hell behind closed doors & cleaning a bank after school till 9 pm. Thankfully, when I was 10, the nuns persuaded them to alIow me to attend Saturday morning art classes. 

In 1992 I began dot painting & the task of putting my shattered mind back together again so I could Understand Myself. In 2014 I educated myself on THE WEDDING of Greek philosophy & Egyptian Religion to Biblical Scripture in 4 AD by The Fathers of palindromic Christian Dogma = "Am God", viz: The Greeks, Clement & Athanasius & Egyptian priest, Origen. Clement of Alexandria INFLATED Man's Pride when he stated: "he who obeys the Lord and follows the prophecy given through him ...BECOMES A GOD while still moving about in the flesh".

His Words "Became Flesh" in a palindromic sequence on OUR double stranded DNA. A palindromic sequence is a nucleic acid sequence on double-stranded DNA or RNA wherein reading 5' (five-prime) to 3' (three prime) forward on one strand matches the sequence reading 5' to 3' on the complementary strand with which it forms a double helix. NB: 3 symbolizes the Trinity; 5 represents Aspects of The Greek God Pan (PRIMORDIAL Son of the "god" Hermes & RULER of Our Reptilian Brain).

Most EDUCATED people understand that continual abuse causes the mind to become like a broken record, incessantly repeating one part of a song, until the owner manually lifts the mechanical arm & stops it. Uneducated, abused children learn to adapt & survive with their reptilian brain, which lacks any sense of morality, law & order & NEVER LEARNS from its mistakes. This LEGACY OF THE PAST is all they've ever known.

Verbal abuse leaves no visible wounds & reduces the mind to a disabled nervous wreck that can't articulate its problems, which increase exponentially over time. When an innocent, timid & inoffensive child is exposed to constant physical abuse & insidous mental torture for the DURATION of childhood to adult status, he or she is reduced to the state of a LOST Soul deprived of an adult mind. My white identity & mind (a shadow "self" reflecting Society) collapsed under the weight of parental/public opinion & disintegrated. I decided to return to MY Beginning & MY "WHITE SKY HERO & CREATOR BEING", Sister Mavis Kennedy, whose foresight prepared me for adulthood. Her Loving EXAMPLE taught me to WORK & DO WITHOUT Like An Adult from my infancy, saving me from The Fate of Lost Souls.

Sister Kennedy's superb training enables me to Control My 2 selves ("Hu" aka Dogma = Church & State) OPPOSED to my Unconscious (Adam HaRishon = The First CREATED Man) & Fuse them into One Being, ie: A BRAIN subservient to me, its ADULT Owner.

Dot painting RECONNECTS me to "The Dreaming" or THE ETERNAL NOW, where "Hu", an Egyptian Word for Authoritative Speech & TIME don't exist.

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